We meet again: Second Coordination Meeting in Italy

In mid of December all the project Organisations met in Marsciano, Italy for a second international coordination meeting.

The meeting was hosted by our Italian partners, Hosting organisation: ISTITUTO OMNICOMPRENSIVO “SALVATORELLI MONETA” (Italy)

The main objectives of the meeting were:

  • To evaluate the project progress;
  • To plan the second year of project implementation:
  • To guarantee the correct production of outputs and outcomes.

 Participants for this meeting were one professional per project organisation: the project coordinator involved in the creation of the Manual contents and 2 participants for Iniciativa Internacional Joven and  ISTITUTO OMNICOMPRENSIVO “SALVATORELLI MONETA”

During this meeting we had the opportunity to review the advances made for the Methodologcal Manual with practical educational tools for teachers and other actors in the educational community to develop educational activities for raising awareness on gender issues.

We also had the chance to discuss the important effects of gender equity with local coordinators and educators from the School “Istituto Omnicomprensivo “Salvatorelli-Moneta” which was extremely interesting for all participants!