More stakeholder meetings in Greece!

On the 3rd of November 2023 a delegation from the Sanctuary for Abused Women visited our school (for reasons of security the location of the sanctuary is not public and thus it was not possible for us to visit them). Participants in this stakeholders meeting were students of our school aged 14 to 18 years old along with teachers responsible for the activity and personnel working in the sanctuary namely psychologists and social workers. The invitation was sent to them following the participation of this organisation in our 3 day transnational project meeting and the positive impact that their presentation had to the participants. This time we wanted the personnel of the sanctuary to interact with our students and discuss in person. After introducing the project, its activities and the role of our school in it, the participants talked about both violence against women in general but also about domestic violence and how we might detect signs of it as well as possibilities and options of intervention. They finally talked about the legal developments in this area and the ways that they affect such issues. The discussions were very fruitful and both the personnel of the sanctuary and our students were very engaged and inspired by the exchange of views and personal experiences. The participants were especially enthusiastic about the potential of being further involved in the activities of the project and they explicitly expressed their interest in doing so something that we consider as a great development.