Presenting the project in Greece!

On the 30th of June 2023 in our school’s teachers office we held our Initial Meeting regarding the project “Schools for Gender Equity” in which we participate as a school. All participants were teachers of our school attending the final school personnel meeting of the school year.  After having discussed the regular agenda we then informed the teachers of the school about the project S4GE. More specifically, we briefed them about the activities and the conclusions and results of the three day seminar that took place in our school as well as about the various stages of the project, its aims and target groups and the more specific involvement of our school in it.   Most of the teachers were enthusiastic about the participation of our school in this project since it is the first one that has such a big scope and that includes international partners as well. Others voiced their concern about the extra work and complications that this might result in and they were worried about their already heavy workload and the already existing serious problems that the school faces.