First stakeholder meeting in Greece!

On the 2nd of October 2023 we visited the Union of Persons with Disabilities IPPOKAMPOS in order to hold our first stakeholders meeting. Participants were primarily students of our school aged 14 to 18 years old along with teachers responsible for the activity and members of the union. During our visit there we informed the members present about the project in which we participate as a school, its aims and our role within it. The we discussed all together, students and members of the union about the issues of gender inequality, what it means for each one of us, how we understand it and how they affect our daily lives. We also talked about how disabilities impact everyday life and how this can often combine with gender inequality to create a new different situation. The members of the union were surprised with the fact that we take part in such a project and they really enjoyed the discussions we had. Women especially were very pleased with the opportunity that was given to them to talk about the problems that they because they face discrimination based both on their gender and their disability. The students were also greatly impacted by engaging the members of the union and learning about the different perspectives that the same problem of gender inequality has.